Saturday, June 11, 2011

My First Cake Decorating Competition

Springville Art City Days 
Cake Decorating Contest 
"Living The Sweet Life"

Cake Title: La Vie Douce “The Sweet Life”

Inspiration for the design: 

When I think of living the sweet life I think of enjoying the very finest things in life. I’ve had the opportunity to live in New York City and whenever I would walk into an upscale French chocolate shop I would be blown away by how amazing looked and smelled.  I decided to design my cake as a chocolate shop counter featuring an array of delectable chocolates and confections. 

 I made a chocolate cake with chocolate hazelnut ganache filling, which is one of the most delicious concoctions I have made yet.

I was the one of sixteen decorators and I was the only male competitor. I competed in the intermediate group and I did not win a prize, but it was a great experience anyway! I met some other local bakers and it was great fun! 

Most of the chocolates are cake bites dipped in chocolate. Some are made of pure chocolate and some are fondant with sparkly coating.