Monday, January 10, 2011

Hi All,

Welcome to my blog! I've thought for a while about putting together a place for people to view my work and share in my latest creations, and the day has finally arrived--courtesy of my lovely wife and Baker's Assistant, Charlotte.

A little bit about the Baker; I am a self taught cake artist working primarily out of my home (except the really big projects I do at my sister's house because she has a larger kitchen and much more counter space). But I don't work in a professional kitchen. And I never took any sort of cake decorating classes, unless you count the one or two online tutorials I've watched. We all have to start somewhere, and if working from home in the beginning was good enough for Duff Goldman, it's good enough for me.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Please take some time to look at a few of my cakes, they are as beautiful as they are delicious! And don't be shy about telling your friends about me, I love referrals.


  1. I love it Pete. I think that you are awesome for doing what you love. Keep on keeping on. -caleb

    The cakes are so beautiful--I wish I were closer to be able to eat some more of your creations. :)

  2. Thanks, Charlotte, for getting Peter "published"! Peter, SO glad you have found another way to express your amazingness! Love you both!

  3. Pete made my wicked cool birthday cake! If this sucessfully post, then I will tell you all about how awesome and amazing it was!

  4. okay now that I got this blogging thing figure out, I want to brag about Petes mad skills. I showed him this ay cheesball picture of a cake I sort of liked from the web. HE listened to my thoughts and used his creativity to make it over the top. It is the one pictured under his birthday pix. It has a huge yellow bow and a nametag with hello my name on it! it was the HIGHLIGHT of my 18th! Dude your making my wedding cake when I find my rich match!!!