Thursday, October 11, 2012

CNY Cake Decorating Competition

I had the great opportunity to compete in the CNY Cake Decorating Competition in Ithaca, NY this last weekend. The theme of the competition was Classic 50's Music. I chose to do a 50's Stratocaster and a 50's transistor radio to represent the the birth of rock and roll in the 50's. I competed in division two which was for semi-professional cake decorators. I won third prize out of the eight in my division.  It was a very well organized competition with a lot of events going on as well as workshops and an edible fashion show done by some professional chefs, some from the Food Network. 

I made the radio out of decadent chocolate cake covered with marshmallow fondant. 

The guitar is made of cereal treats and covered in marshmallow fondant and the details done with fondant and then painted by hand with food coloring. 

I look forward to many more competitions in the future!!


  1. May I say you made a wonderful cake. The guitar and radio were terrific. I really liked your cake as it has a different take than the other cakes. Mine was opposite yours on the table. Great job!
    Lisa - Lisa's Custom Cakes

    1. Thank you so much! I loved your cake too! Your sculpted figurines were amazing!